Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service

When someone dies

When someone we love dies we are thrust into uncharted territory; the average person, thankfully, plans very few funerals. We need to make decisions about services and caskets and earth burial or cremation, flowers, newspaper announcement, greet family and friends and somehow just keep going in the midst of grief. Our sense of relatedness to God can be lost in all the “busy-ness”. The Clergy at Christ Church are here to assist you in any way possible, to offer pastoral care to all members of the family, to offer counsel in planning the service, to help with arrangements concerning the funeral home, visitation, reception, etc. Please call the office 905-640-1461 at any time. This line is monitored after office hours and there is a confidential voicemail box to leave a private message for the clergy.

Christ Church Stouffville offers the following guidelines:

If pre-arrangements have been made with a funeral home, we recommend that you contact the staff there as early as possible after a death has taken place.  If you have not made pre-arrangements, it is advisable to choose a funeral home.

A funeral director will invite you to a meeting at the funeral home in order to make plans for the funeral or memorial service.  The staff will provide you with all the information you need to make suitable arrangements.

A Funeral or Memorial Service at Christ Church Stouffville

If you would like to have a service at Christ Church, we invite you to contact the Clergy as soon as death has occurred.  Please speak to the Clergy about the date and time of service before any public announcement is made.  The Clergy will be as cooperative as possible in choosing a date and time that is suitable to you and your family. The Clergy will invite you to come to Christ Church to make arrangements for the service, including choices of passages from scripture, hymns and musical selections.  You may wish to have someone offer brief words of tribute to the deceased, and family members or friends are invited to participate. If you would like Clergy other than those at Christ Church to assist in the service, our Clergy normally extend that invitation.  Please speak to the Clergy if you would like a soloist, instrumentalist, piper or the parish choir to participate in the service. If you would like a reception in the Great Hall please speak to the Parish Administrator about availability.

Pre-Arranging the Service

The Clergy at Christ Church are available to meet with you to make pre-arrangements for your funeral or memorial service.  Please call the church office to make an appointment.

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