Welcome Committee

We are a mix of older and newer members of the parish who meet for a common goal: to provide a warm and welcoming environment for those who are just visiting, those looking for a place to worship and those who attend Christ Church. Many of us have chosen Christ Church as our place to worship because of the warm welcome we received on our first visits, and we believe we must continue to provide such welcomes to all newcomers and regular parishioners alike.

The welcome committee also consists of the Sidespeople and Greeter groups.  The Greeters welcome everyone who comes through the doors each Sunday.  For newcomers this also includes answering any questions they may have as well as assisting them after the service. The Sidespeople provide everyone with the bulletin which gives information about the service and the goings-on at the church, assist with seating if necessary and tidy after the service.

The welcome committee hosts an annual breakfast each autumn to welcome new parishioners and regular parishioners are also welcome to attend.

We believe that wearing a name tag is one of the best things we can do to help people feel welcomed and included.  If you would like a name tag, please fill out one of the forms on the Welcome Table in the Narthex or in the pew and place it in the collection plate or give it to one of the Sidespeople.  Name tags can be stored on the board just outside the sanctuary.

Leaders: Jim Winters and Eleanor Winters, Co-chairs

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