Beautiful weddings at Christ ChurchWhile anticipating your wedding day is an exciting time, the planning process can be a time of stress.  There are many details to look after, and along the way you may have many questions.  In order to assist you, here is some information which will answer some of your questions about preparing for your wedding at Christ Church. In choosing Christ Church as your place of marriage, it is hoped that you will worship with us as often as is possible.  This will enable you to know the Rector on a different level and to feel a part of the parish community.

Marriage in the Anglican Church of Canada

The Anglican Church of Canada affirms that marriage is a life-long union of faithful love, for better or for worse, to the exclusion of all others on either side. This union is established by God’s grace when two persons enter into a contract of marriage in which they publicly declare their intention of fulfilling its purposes, and exchange vows to be faithful to one another until death.

Marriage Licence

In the province of Ontario, people are married on the authority of a licence.  A licence may be purchased at any municipal office between 3 days and 3 months prior to the wedding date.

Church Requirements for Marriage

Marriages solemnized with the Anglican Church of Canada are governed by Canon Law, specifically Canon 21.  This requires that:

  • The wedding is normally solemnized in the church but other locations may be requested;
  • One member of the couple be baptized in the Christian Church;
  • One member of the couple be a worshipper at Christ Church, be related to a worshipping family, or be a resident nearby.
When One Member of the Couple is Roman Catholic

Where one member of the couple is a practicing Roman Catholic, they are required by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto to obtain a consent form from their parish clergy to be married in the Anglican Church, and to sign additional documentation which will be provided by the clergy

Wedding Vows

No alterations may be made in the declarations made in the wedding vows as found in the authorized wedding liturgies of the Anglican Church of Canada, however, it is permissible to add a personal statement of commitment written by the couple.

Wedding Music & Flowers

All music must be discussed with the Organist.  Flowers and other decorative details are arranged through the Chancel Guild. Decorative bows are available to be attached to the pews

Photography During the Wedding

Your photographer is permitted to take pictures during the ceremony without a flash, and it is permissible to videotape the service.

Wedding Brochures

Some couples choose to print a special wedding brochure to hand to guests as they enter the church for the wedding ceremony.  If you choose to print a brochure, please ensure that the Officiant proof-reads it prior to the final printing.

Wedding Rehearsal

Please arrange the date of the wedding rehearsal with the clergy.  All wedding attendants should attend and those taking part in the service as readers are also encouraged to attend.

Wedding Arrangements

In planning the Service, you will have a choice of scripture readings, hymns and some other details which may be done by a relative or friend if appropriate.  All decisions concerning the wedding service are made between the Clergy and the couple.   Others may provide helpful suggestions, but final decisions will rest with the clergy and the couple.  As a matter of courtesy, please be prompt for all appointments, the rehearsal and the wedding itself.

Schedule of Fees

Current fees for the organist, presiding clergy, chancel and church use are available by calling the office.

All fees should be placed in separate envelopes, clearly marked, and delivered with the marriage licence two weeks prior to the wedding date.

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