The George Williams Memorial Library is vital to the spiritual health and growth of Christ Church and those wanting to deepen their walk with the Lord and witness to others.

libraryThe library’s goal is to help educate our community about their Christian faith and provide them with Christian materials for reading enjoyment and entertainment that are appropriate for the entire family.

The library also supports other ministry teams in providing materials for bible study, lay ministers, pastoral visiting, church school and family related issues. We support and recognize special seasons, events and days, such as Black History Month, Remembrance Day and Advent and Christmas to name a few, by purchasing and displaying related books and DVDs.

The children’s library has a variety of books based on the Old Testament, New Testament and holidays. We strive to only purchase materials that enhance our beliefs and values as Christians and we are continually adding new material to the library.  Please check out a book or DVD today. If you are looking for a specific book or DVD, our librarians Yvonne Nicholls and Jocelyn Clubine are always happy to source it for you, if possible.

Yvonne Nicholls, Adult Librarian, Chair
Jocelyn Clubine, Children’s Librarian, Deputy

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